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This beautiful boot is made from soft, supple calfskin leather .
The calfskin used leather (water resistant advanced treatment), meaning that your boots will maintain their water resistance, high shine, and elasticity for years.

Comes in black with a full length back zipper, hand crafted leather and Vibram rubber soles, and snap top and bottom closures with zipper guard.
The ankle and foot are supple and comfortable due to the unique shape of the heel and instep.

Boot Shapes Customize option-

Upper fitting:- Slim Fitting, Medium Fitting, Wide Fitting option for customize size,

Toe:- Classic Round Toes shape, Square Toe Shape, Cutter Toe Shape, Wide Square Toe Shape,

Boot Sizing Information –

Measuring- Please use a soft cloth tape measure in centimeters or inches, wear your normal breeches and riding socks.

Foot Size –You can send us with centimeter or inches or prefect size like EU, US, Uk sizes.

Available in Wide Foot

Height Measurement – When measuring the height we ask that you have a slight bend in your leg and find the outside corner crease behind your knee. For reference, try to feel for the ligament behind your knee as your starting point of measurement. Follow your leg to the ground to find the calf height in cm.

Calf Measurement – When measuring the width of your calf we suggest you be sitting with your leg at a 90 degree angle. Find the widest point of your calf and measure with a subtle tension against your leg.