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  Horse Riding Boots
  Horse Saddles (GP, Showjumping, English, Dressage)
  Horse Bridles and Halters
  Polo Saddles & Tack
  Australian Stock Saddles
  Western Saddles & Tack
  Horse Wear (Saddle Pads, Numnah, Blankets,Rugs, Turnout)
  Horse Stirrups,Mouth Bits,Hackamore
  Leather Waist Belts
  Ankle Shoes
  Leather Jackets
  Motorbike/Motorcycle Products
About Us  

BROADRIDINGWEAR By BROADWEAR MFG is situated in famous Industrial and well known world wide Export City Sialkot. We are dealing mainly in All Sorts of Horse ware, Equestrian,Tack, Saddlery , Western wear,Pet wear and movie costume products for the last fifteen years, we are making customize products according to buyers requiments.

Our Main Products are

Horse Ware & Equestrian
Saddle pads ,half saddle pads, fell pads, Numnah,Rugs, Blanket, stable rugs, winter rugs, Kersey wool rugs, mesh rugs, fly veils, ear Bonnet, blinders, Tendon Boots, bell Boots, safety Boots, fetlock Boots, etc. .

Saddlery and Tack
- Dressage saddles, English Saddles, All purpose Saddles, GP Saddles, Side Saddles,Polo Saddles, Jumping Saddles, Racing Saddles, Stock Saddles, Australian Saddles, Western Saddles, Endurance Saddles, Trail Saddles, Ranch Saddles, Cutter Saddles, Roping Saddles, Nosebands Bridles, Snaffle Bridles, Bitless Bridles, Double Bridles, Figure 8 Bridles, Hunter Bridles, Grackle Bridles, English Bridles ,Jumping Bridles, dressage Bridles, polo Bridles, Portuguese Bridles, Fancy Bridles, western Bridles, Hackamore, All types of Nylon Halters, Leather Halters and Head collars, Breast Collars, Martingale, Chest Plates, All types of Girths, Leather Stirrups, .

Western Wear
Western Saddles, Western Hats, Cowboy/Cowgirls Boots, Western Waist Belts, Spurs, Spurs straps, Cowboy jeans, Bull whips, Gun Cover, Saddle bags, Bottle cover etc. .

Polo Horses and Rider Wear
;- Polo Saddles, Polo Boots, Polo mallets, Polo Whips, Polo wraps, Polo knee pads, polo elbow guard, Polo Helmets, Polo Shirts, Polo trousers, polo waist belts, polo bridles, polo head collars , Polo Mallets Bags,etc. .

Horse Rider Wear
Riding Boots , Dressage Boots, English Riding Boots, Jumping Riding Boots, Polo Boots, equestrian safety Vest, Spurs, Whip all types, Breeches, Trousers, Shirts, Showjumping Wear, Etc .

Horse Care and Safety
Horse bits all types, Horse Stirrups all types ,Hoof brushes, Hoof knives, Grooming kit, Tail Comb, Curry Comb, etc .

The main object of our company is to provide prompt deliveries of customers order maintaining their quality standard and workmanship.

Child Labour Free
Child Labour is not allowed in our factory and we have been providing all the facilities to our Company staff and labour according to their designations.

The manufacture plant possess all the facilities that an organization of our stature require. Hi-tech machinery, skilled man power, research laboratory are some of the essential features of our infra structural base. All these features contribute to the development and the progress of the organization. In fact, it is the highly equipped infrastructure, that has provided us a distinct identity in Our industry.

All our units of operation have one goal- that is to offer the best quality products to the esteemed buyers. All the products are repeatedly tested and checked before they are made ready for dispatch. We always keep our eyes and ears open to all sorts of innovations, that have been taking place in the market.

We have a special bonding with our clients. They are based all over the world. Our relationship is based on trust and friendship.

We value our customers trust on us and precious time and money thay invest on us. We thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us for questions and queries.


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© Copyrights 2015 BROADRIDINGWEAR By Broadwear MFG. All Rights Reserved.